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When DIgital becomes human

Technology is transforming lives in healthcare across the world. As a data-driven innovation company, Totem enables healthcare innovators with ideas and proven concepts. First we developed a strategic brand platform, including purpose statement, values and manifesto. This was the springboard for a visual identity.


Innovating human-centered cure and care

Totem helps to create new innovations, ideas and concepts into tangible products and services that improve people’s everyday lives. Technology and humans go hand in hand, making a difference for patients and healthcare providers. Our strategic, design and creative concept were based on bringing to life Totem’s way of working. Because innovation processes can be complicated, we decided we needed to bring the brand back to its bare essence. While highlighting the human-centered mentality.


The Process

Totem has a specific innovation approach that blends technology, data and creativity. We found that this approach wasn’t described and designed in a way that was intellectually convincing and emotionally appealing. We solved this by creating a custom visual language that captured the essence of what Totem – and their approach - stands for.


As a backbone, we developed icons with a clean, stylish appearance. Instantly recognizable, they’re a reflection of the brand’s innovation process. This also creates a subtle nod to the ‘totem pole’ metaphor.


In our photography concept we decided to focus on the human side – everything Totem does is based on creating better cure and care for human beings. The end result: Totem has shed its functional image to become modern, uplifting and more human.







Project details

Develop a brand strategy, visual identity and brand campaign for Totem, a health tech innovation company.

Totem, in the original

Native-American meaning is a perfect metaphor for the way it helps businesses and organization create better healthcare solutions.

Totem is here to innovate

human-centered cure and care.

Totem has developed its own wearable device named Bobbi.

It captures open-source

biometric data.


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