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Our previous campaigns created a distinct market position for Arvato Financial Solutions’ debt collection services (incasso). Their innovative approach secures liquidity for their clients – companies such as Opel, Rabobank, Amazon. We were asked to develop a sponsored LinkedIn campaign and content strategy to convert brand awareness into qualified leads.


How do you approach customers that don’t pay and move them into action? Through research we identified the different types of behaviour that debtors experience. It enabled us to better recognise the people behind the data and the numbers. With these insights in mind, we developed an idea that went beyond a campaign.


Arvato applies principles from behavioral psychology in their debt collection process, making it more empathetic and more effective. We created a 3-step model which allows AFS to influence choices and shape behaviour:

  • Insight: identify different types of debtor behaviour.
  • Intervention: positive behavioral intervention.
  • Impact: maintain the customer relationship.

The in-depth thinking behind this model was converted into a white paper, available for download through LinkedIn lead generation forms.


We helped boost Arvato’s business and amplify their unique approach.

  • 297,000 Impressions
  • CTR: 0,25%
  • Conversion rate: 5,11%

AFS | Insight, Intervention, Impact