Subscribe, Share, Simplify

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The Netherlands 


The subscription and sharing economy is on the rise – from software, home cooking, bicycles, perfume to home entertainment. Rooted in the trend that people are less and less interested in actually owning products, instead opting to use them subscription based. Our B2B campaign positioned Arvato Financial Solutions as the ideal partner for brands that need payment solutions in this new economy. 


Payments are generally the main battleground for the subscription and sharing-based business industry. This is where Arvato Financial Solutions comes in. They’re masters in making the complex easy. The result: smooth and seamless customer experiences. 



There’s an endless choice of subscription experiences to choose from. With Arvato’s expertise running in the background, it’s easy for consumers to select the products and services that fit with their needs: Share, Subscribe, Simplify.



  • Successful lead generation (acquiring marketing qualified leads).
  • Strong PR exposure around the annual trade expo. 

Arvato Financial Solutions - Subscribe, Share, Simplify