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The Covid-19 crisis has increased the number of people who rely on the Dutch food banks for their household. Inventory management is the cornerstone of food bank effectiveness. Many food banks find it challenging to meet hunger needs in their communities in a timely manner. Sometimes they’re short of specific products, and sometimes there’s a surplus. This needs to solved, with an online inventory app / platform. Developing an app is one thing, getting hundreds of volunteers to work with the app is another. 


We developed an appealing name (‘Voorraadplank’) and a communication campaign and video content. Based on the principle of “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”


Impact and efficiency go hand in hand. We created a visual story, showing how the app / platform helps to share shortages / surplus of specific products between different food banks across the country.


This project was done in collaboration with design agency Yellow Dress Retail and production company iDEX

Voedselbanken Nederland - internal launch inventory app


  • Successful, nationwide roll-out of the app.
  • Volunteers have a high appreciation and adoption rate of the app.
  • Increased operational efficiency and collaboration between food banks in the Netherlands.

Project tags

Name development, internal comms, employee engagement, video campaign, non-profit