Unlocking your full brand potential. Move minds, shift behaviour.

In everything we do, we focus on the role of a brand in people’s lives: what does your product or service actually do for people? Great marketing tells the story of the product and brand in such a way that it’s grounded in human needs.

The Fox way of working

Our ‘Brand Growth Model’ helps to unlock full brand potential in three steps: Think, Create, Connect. In the ‘Think’ phase we blend human behaviour and insights with strategy, uniting external consumer culture with internal brand culture. ‘Create’ inspires the development of an organizing brand idea, campaigns and content. ‘Connect’ makes sure there’s a perfect fit between external and internal brand behaviour. Together, they form the key to new growth.

Think: brand strategies

Brand definition & strategy
Positioning & brand architecture
           – Purpose, values, personality
Communication and content strategy
Brand behaviour and channel approach

Create: campaigns & content

Integrated campaigns
Brand expression and tone of voice
Visual personality and photographic direction
Content creation (from video to social)

Connect: internal brand culture

Alignment on external brand and internal culture
Creating perfect fit between external and internal brand behaviour

Our added value & impact

Our way of working creates new perspective on how brands and people interact. 2020 showed us that brands need to evolve to thrive in the next normal. The best brand strategy now is to be real, to be human.