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Tomtom Traffic


TomTom Traffic

How do you bring to life TomTom’s premium

real-time traffic information service, available on many TomTom devices? On today’s busy roads, traffic is changing constantly. TomTom Traffic gives you real-time traffic updates so you know exactly which roads are congested and why.

And of course you’re offered the fastest route available. It’s the perfect way to get there faster. Our job: tell this story on the TomTom website.


the traffic story

Simply put, TomTom Traffic offers you insanely accurate traffic information, updated as you go. The magic of it all - the accuracy - is the result of combining different data sources and the fact that TomTom has been analyzing traffic every minute since 2008.


They don’t just know traffic – they are traffic.

Instead of explaining the different data sources one by one, we decided that the best way to tell Traffic’s story was to create one seamless visual narrative. That way we don’t just talk about what the product is, but what it does.

The Process

The first important strategic-creative choice we made was to tell this story by visualizing / animating this story. We started by analyzing the data sources. They ranged from historical data, community data (received from TomTom devices on the road) to journalistic data.


Each type of data has different benefits for people on the road.  So we asked ourselves ‘how can we visualize the essence of each element in one image’?


Having done this, we mapped out how these visuals could work when put together in one journey – a road on which a car is driving along smoothly and safely, thanks to TomTom Traffic.

We then moved on to creating a specific visualization style, one that fits with the existing TomTom brand expression. The end result: a story that shows you the benefits of TomTom Traffic in an engaging way.




explain the benefits of using TomTom Traffic on the corporate website.


combined, the different data sources give you insanely

accurate traffic information.


bring the product story to life by creating one seamless visual journey.


the final journey has 43 cars in it.



Project details

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