Winter months can present many challenges

for your car. While modern cars are designed

to handle tough weather conditions, there

are some basic steps every driver should

take as the days get shorter and the

temperature drops.

However, people often don’t realize the importance of preparing their cars for

wintery conditions. To change this

perception, we decided to let them

experience the hazards of rough

weather. By re-creating winter in

an indoor skiing hall, we created

challenging driving conditions

for them.







Project details

Create awareness around the importance and benefits of a winter-proof car, and activate SEAT drivers to visit their local dealer for a winter check-up.

Preparing your car for wintery conditions isn’t a luxury, but essential if you’re serious about your safety and that of others.

Is your SEAT winter-proof?

Real SEAT drivers experience the importance and need of a giving their car a Winter Check.

Their experiences can be followed online in an interactive way.

The SEAT winter check-up day was fully booked long before the end

of the promotional period.

A number of extra days were added in order to meet demand.


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