the world of chio

Now available in 30 countries, Chio Crisps were first created in 1962 by the von Opel family.

The savory snacks segment is quite traditional, with little innovation causing the purchase frequency to decline. Chio aims too break through this by introducing a new range of products, centered around the ‘world flavors’ theme.


world of chio

Our strategy and approach brought to life the world behind every specific flavor in a digital, interactive environment. Aimed at the ‘digital natives’

target group segment, we created a fun and engaging digital experience.







Project details

Create a digital strategy and creative concept to support Chio’s new market introduction.

Every specific flavor gives you a little taste of what it’s like in the country where it’s from .


‘The world of CHIO’


Explore an interactive world that combines the best ingredients of the countries of each World Flavors Crisps.

Website, Digital, Social Content

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