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Tomtom Vio


TomTom Vio

Meet the Vio, the worlds first scooter navigation device. Designed for scooters, controlled by your smartphone. Introducing this satellite navigation in key European markets meant we had to connect to urban, digital-savvy, young scooter drivers.


A better Ride

The VIO opens up a whole new category for TomTom.

Any scooter driver will tell you their scooter feels like

an extension of themselves. As personal as their smartphone.

To succeed, we needed to show how this product fits perfectly with the

mobile lifestyle of our target audience.


Our concept combined highlighting the attractive and colourful design of he product with content that explained the product experience in a contemporary way.

The Process

We developed a communication concept with a digital backbone which enables interaction and engagement with our target audience, fitting seamlessly with their (mobile) media consumption pattern. Inspiration came from the iconic designs and shapes of both classic and contemporary scooters.

This resulted in an integrated approach with executions in print, display ads, POS material and digital activation ideas.




Introduce the world’s first scooter navigation device within Europe.


Urban scooter riders see their scooter as an essential

part of their lifestyle.



VIO is the perfect fit for

your scooter.


Developed for 5 key European markets.


Project details

Tags: Automotive, Branding, Design, Event, Mobile, Activation, Print,  Web.

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