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Tomtom rider


TomTom rider

Nothing beats experiencing the ultimate ride in your motorbike. The new TomTom rider 410 holds the key to hundred of Europe's most thrilling routes preinstalled and world maps.

We got people's motors running with

an introduction campaign that challenged

them to go further.


Do You Dare?

The Rider 410 great rides edition is the ultimate motorcycle satellite navigation.

Motorcyclists can find some of Europe’s most exciting winding roads by selecting how challenging they want the route to be. Three levels of windiness and hilliness can be selected on the device.  We gave this device an adrenaline-filled welcome by developing an introduction campaign that speaks directly to motorcyclists,

and connects to their mentality. At the heart of this we invited and challenged motorcyclists to go out and ride their ultimate journeys.

In short: do you dare?

The Process

Visualising the ‘do you dare’ challenge in one emotionally appealing visual that cuts through the clutter of generic motorcycle advertising was

quite the challenge.


Research into what make the ultimate thrilling ride brought us to the idea of using a point-of-view image, in the moment just before you start the descent of a windy road set in the French mountains. To make the visual even more energetic, we didn’t just use a photo, but used real-life illustrating to bring it to life.


The result: an image that grabs you, and makes you want to hop on the back of the motorcycle to become part of this ride.




introduction campaign for the 410 great rides edition for the TomTom’s premium motorcycle satnav.


motorcyclists love to choose specific routes based on their own preferences (steep climbs, tight curves, breath-taking peaks).


do you dare to ride one hundred of Europe’s most thrilling

(preinstalled) routes?


launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the TomTom Rider.



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Tags: Automotive, Branding, Design, Mobile, Illustration, Print, display, Web

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