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Each year, Cuba Travel Network welcomes tens of thousands of travellers from all over the world to Cuba. In 2017, the business celebrates its 15th anniversary. We had to develop a campaign for all employees, suppliers and partners that truly reflected the vision and exciting company culture. Culminating in a 3-day event in Havana, Cuba.




We’re not just celebrating 15 years of existence, but the unique and engaging company culture. Everyone involved in the business feels connected through a shared spirit;
they’re part of the same tribe.


Our concept made the internal culture tangible. We took employees on a journey in the past, present and future. Revisiting some of the key achievements of the past years, reinvigorating experiences and stories and forging new connections between people.

The Process

Building up the excitement towards the 3-day anniversary event in Havana was a key issue. The different target groups – employees, suppliers and business partners – from all over the world would together in person to celebrate and connect to each other.


Our concept had to express this in an appealing way that really ties together all the communication around the event. From a visual identity, eDM’s, a dedicated website to inspiring event activities.


A specific issue that had to be tackled was to ensure guests from different parts of the world could connect with each other before the event. This was done by a special section on the website, boosting anticipation and enabled people to (re)connect.








Project details

Create excitement and engagement around the 15th anniversary of Cuba Travel Network, for all employees, suppliers and partners.

We’re amplifying the unique
‘Cuba Travel Network way’
of working together.

Working at / with Cuba Travel Network makes you a part of something bigger than yourself: a business that feels like a family.

The anniversary event in Havana hosted 250 guests from 8 different countries.

Branding, event, internal engagement, culture, design, website, content,

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